Monday, October 22, 2007

Aspen to open local brewery

Colorado is about to get another small craft brewery as plans have been announced to open a new brewery in Aspen in December. Three young entrepreneurs have gotten the support of local businesses and will open the "Aspen Brewery" in December of this year. They plan to produce eight different beers initially and sell to local restaurants, bars and liquor stores.

The owners are young but enthusiastic that feel that their craft beers will sell well in this upscale Colorado ski town. Duncan Clauss (22), Rory Douthit (22), and Brad Veltman (23) found a small 2,000 square foot site to produce their fermented beverages and have signed a three-year lease for the site. Brewmaster Jason Courtney (38) will oversee the creation of the initial brews.

Aspen Brewery also obtained a license to sell beer on their property and will offer up their wares in take-home growlers for the local patrons from their planned tasting room.

While the entrepreneurs are new to the business, they've consulted with one of the local Aspen businessmen, George Stranahan, who is one of the co-founders of Flying Dog Brewery in Denver and got his nod for starting up the business.

Colorado beer enthusiasts will no doubt look forward to sampling their first beers and gladly add them to the growing list of Colorado brewers.

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