Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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Beer GlassI'm going to explore the world of craft beer but I'm a bit Fermentedly Challenged. I've been debating: Does the world really need another blog about beer? Maybe not, but my interest in craft beers, homebrewing and the Colorado beer industry in general has been growing a lot recently. Enough so that I've decided to finish off my writing in poker and sports and dive into my other vice - namely craft beer.

My only qualification for blogging about beer is my love of the beverage and 30 years of legally drinking it. Over the past 3 decades my tastes in beer have changed quite a bit. Ever since the brewing laws have changed back in the late 1970s when then President Jimmy Carter signed a bill allowing for beer to be legally brewed in limited quantities at home, the homebrew and micro-brewery age officially got a new kick start.

I've dabbled in homebrewing before. My interest in brewing my own began back in the late 90's when a friend gave me a bottle of his own home-brewed beer. I was intrigued as to how beer was made and decided to try brewing some myself.

Luckily at the time, my home town of Greeley Colorado had a local home brew store and I was able to quickly buy all the supplies I needed to produce my 1st 5 gallon extract batch of amber ale. I bottled my beer into some 22-oz brown bomber bottles and was pleasantly surprised how good my 1st batch of beer turned out.

It was during the brewing of my second batch at home that my wife voiced her concerns with turning her kitchen into a brewery. She did not like how the house was smelling like hops and asked that I stop brewing indoors with little kids in the house.

Unfortunately for me, that led to the end of my initial brewing career for many years. From that point on, I had to find my beer fix at local corner liquor stores from what meager microbrew stock they had. I had become "fermentedly challenged".

Since that time, there have been over 100 craft breweries spring up across Colorado. Some have come and gone, but a few good ones have remained and are growing in popularity.

One of my favorites is the New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado. This company started out small but over the course of the last decade has grown into a respectable brewing company that ships it's fine Belgian style brews to over half of the states in the USA.

So while I'm still learning the ropes of homebrewing, I'm at least enjoying the "fruits" of the bounty of Colorado breweries on a regular basis. Colorado has just recently grown into the nations largest beer producer. Colorado passed California as the largest producer (barrel wise) of beer in the US.

I've been studying up on the brewing process again and have started gathering a list of brewing sites that have a lot of good information. I hope to share many homebrewing adventures with you over the course of the next several years.

As always, I'm interested in learning about what other homebrewers are working on. Please feel free to comment and share some of your own beer stories. If you know of a great home brewing site - let me know. Stay tuned for many stories and adventures to come.

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