Thursday, October 11, 2007

Virtual Oktoberfest Warcraft Style

Warcraft Brewfest
I'm a big fan of this time of year. The hot summer days are quickly fading from memory as the cool fall air settles in, the leaves start turning and a man's fancy turns towards his favorite subject. No it's not football or sex, it's BEER. And what better way to celebrate the most recent harvest with an annual Oktoberfest!

All across America, cities are celebrating the end of the growing season by tapping a few kegs from their local brewpubs and quaffing down some of that fine golden ale. While many people enjoy going to their local Oktoberfest, they might not realize that they can also celebrate Oktoberfest online as well.

One of the more recent places to celebrate Oktoberfest is in the online game World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment. World of Warcraft (or WoW) hosts many in-game festivals throughout the year and this year Brewfest is one of them.

Late September is the time of year that World of Warcraft celebrates Oktoberfest. Players can participate in the Brewfest by attending one of the many sites outside the virtual city gates where the Brewfest is being held. WoW's Brewfest lets you "sample" the lands finest beers and have some fun while you're at it.

At the Brewfest, you can capture strange creatures that can only be seen while "drunk". You can deliver kegs of beer to the Brewfest while riding a large speedy Ram. You can help defend the beer kegs against invading evil dark iron dwarves who try to steal the beer.

As a reward, the Brewfest awards prize tickets that can be redeemed in game for Brewfest costumes, mugs and stylish German hats. It's all good fun and if by chance you are of age, you can even pour yourself and enjoy a real beer while playing in the Brewfest.

Ya, call me a geek, but I've really enjoyed getting my virtual characters soused up by drinking a few dwarven ales while I actually sip on my New Belgium Brewery 1554 Black Ale while I play. At least you won't get pulled over for a DUI after the WoW Brewfest is over - you're already home.

I've long since quit playing WoW, but it's a pleasant enough game provided that you don't end up playing too much of it at once. Everything in moderation, that goes for beer as well.

Update: I no longer play WoW or online poker. I think beer and fantasy football remain my number 1 hobbies. Are you still playing World of Warcraft? Let me know what you think about WoW's Brewfest.

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