Thursday, November 15, 2007

Samuel Adams Cream Stout review

Samuel Adams Cream StoutI recently picked up a 12 bottle variety pack of beer from the Samuel Adams line last night. This pack was dubbed the Samuel Adams Winter Classics and came with six different varieties that I'll be sampling over the next week or so. I chose to try out the Samuel Adams Cream Stout first. The picture at the right shows just how dark this beer is, but if you've never tried a dark stout beer before, don't let the dark color intimidate you. This is one fine smooth beer. I have a preference for darker beers of late and this one was right up my alley.

As I poured this beer into my favorite beer glass (pictured above), there rose a big brown foamy head in the glass that surprisingly went over the top before I could finish pouring the entire bottle into the glass. The foam was even tasty as well. The beer was dark enough that I couldn't see through it. I let the beer warm up a bit before tasting it as that helps to ensure the full flavor of a stout comes out.

Realize that I am NOT a coffee drinker and this beer definitely had aromas of coffee and chocolate malts in it, but this stuff made me want to go to a Starbucks and demand they add this to their line. This Cream Stout had a fairly low ABV% (4.9%) and was deemed a seasonal beer, although I could probably drink this beer at any time of the year.

I knew after my first sip that this beer was one that I'd drink again. I decided to pair this beer with one of my favorite snacks - pistachio nuts. I must admit, that this cream stout covered up much of the taste and saltiness of the nuts but still went well together.

This beer does not taste as heavy as it looks. It is smooth and has a "creamy" finish to it. There is not a big hop taste to this beer (which I was thankful for) and is not bitter in the least. It's not a beer that you want to drink fast, but rather enjoy slowly over time. It's very malty and has a wonderful aroma.

I'm going to give this beer a decent rating of (3.7 out of 5). I'd definitely buy this beer again, although in my experience I have tasted some similar beers that were better.

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