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Colorado - The Napa Valley of Beer

ColoradoI'm lucky enough to live in the heart of the American Beer culture: Colorado, a state with over 150 breweries. Here is a story that Fox News from Colorado Springs put out in 2007 about how Colorado had become the biggest producer of beer in the USA and how that affects the Colorado economy.

State economy taps into beer

Colorado Ales

By Mike Conneen
Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2007

California might take top prize for its vineyards, but when it comes to beer, Colorado is king of the hill.

Our state recently became the number one beer producer in the country, churning up more than 23 million barrels in 2006.

All of that beer pours big bucks into the state's economy.

According to new research from the Beer Institute, Colorado breweries provide about 68,000 jobs, $3 Billion in wages and $1.6 Billion in federal, state and local taxes.

Governor Bill Ritter called Colorado "the beer brewing capitol of the United States". In 2006, the state outproduced California, Texas and New York.

Mike Bristol, owner of Bristol Brewing Company in Colorado Springs said, "Colorado is starting to be known as the Napa Valley for beer."

At Bristol, production is up 15% this year, on top of 13% last year.

Of course, Anheuser Busch in Fort Collins or Coors in Golden make up an enormous portion of the state's beer production. According to Bristol, "A little growth for them makes a huge difference."

He said, "Certainly you don't need a calculator to figure out Anheuser Busch and Coors are a good portion of that. Certainly [Bristol's] 7,000 barrels didn't put us over the top. But collectively, it's a huge volume and wide volume of beers."

According to the Beer Institute, the state's beer industry puts $12.4 Billion into the state economy each year.

Bristol hopes that figure will help the industry's image. He said, "There's 100 small breweries throughout the state and much like us they're in communities. They're actively involved in their communities."

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