Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Free Beer For Share Buyers

I love this concept that a brewery in New Zealand came up with. Now if only we could get American breweries to do the same thing - I think I'd invest heavily! Wonder if they'll ship internationally. Read on from this story out of the New Zealand Herald...

Buy shares and get free beers, says brewery
Wednesday November 07, 2007
By John Drinnan - New Zealand Herald

Paddy Sweeney has come up with a not-so-subtle way to coax investors into the venture he hopes will be worth $100 million in six years.

He is offering them free beer.

The West Coast Brewery founder yesterday laid out the company's welcome beer-mat for its New Zealand initial public offering.

You get two dozen bottles of selected brews with every $8500 investment. The amount of beer increases as the investment gets bigger.

And whenever there is a new beer, West Coast Brewery will deliver a six-pack to all investors.

"If someone puts in $85,000 I'd happily welcome them in with 20 dozen," says Sweeney, a fourth-generation Coaster.

"The free beer is just a gesture, but it shows what we are about - we want investors to have a bit of fun," Sweeney said.

The offer at 34c a share for West Coast Brewery has so far raised nearly $1 million. It is aiming for $2 million and can go as high as $3 million.

Sweeney said he would consider a sharemarket listing and franchising in the future.

West Coast Brewery took over Westport's Miners Brewery in March.

The company is also seeking to raise up to $5 million in Australia.