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Left Hand Deep Cover Brown Ale review

Left Hand Deep Cover Brown AleHere is the last review from the Left Hand Brewing's Mountain Mixer pack. Today it's their Left Hand Deep Cover Brown Ale. I think the name of this beer is referring to the fact that this beer is trying to disguise itself as a brown ale. I'll explain in a bit. I am a fan of brown ales and they are generally dark and rich and nutty.

This beer pours a reddish brown but is very clear. Almost too red for it's own good. Would this beer actually be better classified as an Amber Ale? Perhaps. The brew registers at a mere 4.4% ABV and with only 20 IBUs. So it's low alcohol and not very hoppy. The brew poured without much of a head build up like other malty beers would. It had a very small light tan head with just a little bead.

I swirled this beer in the glass to get out the aroma. This beer is only hopped with just one type of flower - US Goldings hops. It has a nice aroma, lightly floral and with a hint of citrus smell. Not as noticeable as Cascade hops however.

The first sip reminded me of a light beer. Not what I'd expect from a brown ale. I could taste a bit of nuttiness in the brew but not much. Even the chocolate malt that was mixed in didn't leave much of a trace. This beer was made with Premium Pale 2-row, some Crystal, some Munich and a dash of Brown and Chocolate malts. I think they probably should have added a bit more of the darker malts as the "brown" turned into more of a light amber brew. The beer was smooth enough to drink and it left just a slight tingle on the middle front of the tongue which lingered well after the beer was gone. Not to say this beer coated my tongue, it didn't, but it left a little lingering feel.

One thing about a few of the Left Hand beers that I noticed is that after a few minutes, the hop aroma all but goes away. I was left wishing that the original just opened smell would have stuck around a bit longer. Still, overall I was modestly satisfied with this brew. Not my favorite brown, but good enough to drink again. only gave this a 2.99/5 rating (43rd percentile) so I'm not alone in saying this is just an average brown. I've got 2 more of these in the case. Perhaps the next two will be a bit better.

Update: 12/2/2009 - Left Hand Brewing has announced that they will be discontinuing Deep Cover Brown Ale at the end of 2009. Coincidentally, Left Hand will be putting out their 400 Pound Monkey IPA as a new year round beer starting in January 2010.

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