Saturday, January 26, 2008

Avery Ellie's Brown Ale review

Avery Ellie's Brown AleToday's beer review comes from Avery Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado and is named after one of the brewer's favorite pets. I present to you a review of Avery Ellie's Brown Ale.

Upon first pour, I saw a very dark brown, almost dark red in color when held to the light. There was a nice light tan head to this beer. The smell of this beer seemed somewhat sweet. I could really pick out the Cascade hops in this beer right away.

Avery brewed this beer with 3 different hops: Cascade, Bullion and Fuggles hops, but it appears that they go very sparingly with those hops as the IBU measurement is only at 17. That's fine, I'm not currently a big hop person, but I'd like to see a bit more hoppiness in my browns than this.

The first taste was of the caramel and chocolate malt. Avery didn't go overboard with the malts and was noticeably lighter in taste than a porter. As a brown ale, this fits the bill nicely and reminds me of some of the other tasty brown ales I've sampled before. Still, I felt that this brown was not as outstanding as I've had before.

While gave Ellie's Brown Ale an average score, I too would have to agree that this is an average brown. I'd like to see a bit more taste and a bit more bitterness from this. Browns by nature are sweet but are usually balanced by the right amount of hops. While this beer is slightly more alcoholic than a session beer, I'd probably classify this as a session brown beer. I could drink a few of these easily as I love browns.

Avery mixed together a blend of two-row, chocolate, Munich 10L and Caramel 120L malts into their brew. I can see why many would love this beer. It even won a Bronze in the 2005 Great American Beer Festival. I'm going to give this beer a rating of 3.3 out of 5 and keep it in mind for another try later on. I've got 5 more bottles in my six pack and should be able to evaluate it further later this week. Good brew Avery! It's one I'd buy again.

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