Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Colorado Wants to Change It's Liquor Laws

I saw the following article out on the Rocky Mountain News web site. The article explains that there are some new pieces of legislation being introduced in the Colorado state capitol that wishes to overturn the long standing blue laws that prohibits the sale of liquor on Sundays in Colorado.

Now how many times have you run out of your favorite beer on a Sunday only to realize that you can't stock up until Monday? For me, it's happened a lot. I typically buy my beer on weekends (Friday and Saturday) and often wish that I could pick some additional beer up on Sunday, especially when I got too busy during the rest of the week to stock up.

It's been 75 years this month since prohibition was repealed and these outdated blue laws have been in effect. I say it's time to take these laws off the books and let the liquor stores open up on Sundays. This would help local mom and pop liquor shops get more sales and help satisfy their customers more with more convenient weekend hours.

There's even more legislation in the works to allow certain stores to sell more than just 3.2 beer and wine coolers. In addition, another bill may target the old laws that forbid liquor stores from selling food and from allowing a single person to hold more than 1 liquor store license.

It's time to make some changes Colorado. I'm hoping that Governor Ritter will see the light and let us buy beer and liquor on Sundays. (Read the Rocky article for more info).

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