Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ska Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter review

Ska Brewing Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial PorterThe parade of dark beer reviews continue and today I tried an imperial porter from the western slope of Colorado from the Ska Brewing Company of Durango - the Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter. This brew came in a big 22oz bomber bottle. What was unique about this bottle, aside from the cool skeleton wearing a crown, is that the top of the bottle was sealed in a blue wax. Nice touch to bring some sense of excitement to this imperial. Ska Brewing seems to have a skull and bowling pin theme to several of their beers.

This was my first taste of a beer from Ska and I was eager to try it out as I am a porter lover. This beer has an 8% ABV and a decent 77 IBU rating. The beer pours dark, almost like a dark cola. Just a hint of light can be seen through this porter. Surprisingly, this beer did not pour with much of a head and what little there was of it dissipated quickly. I let this beer warm up a bit before sampling.

The aroma immediately hit me as being sweet, almost chocolaty. Not quite as burnt as a dark stout. The brewer says that you may detect some cherry in it but I could not find that in this bottle. The first taste was creamy smooth. No real alcohol shock and no after taste. I could almost detect the flavor of toffee in this beer. It definitely had a sweet malty taste but the hops blended well with it to bring it down to earth. I didn't notice as much of a coffee taste in this beer which is nice. While the type of hops weren't mentioned specifically, if it's anything like their regular Ten Pin Porter, it has a good amount of Perle and Willamette hops in it along with 6 different kinds of malt.

The lack of a head on this beer left me to feel that this beer was nearly under carbonated, but the taste made up for it. I happened to be eating some English Toffee Ice Cream at the same time and I could swear that this beer had some of this in it. The beer and the ice cream went together very well. In fact I even poured some of this beer onto the ice cream and it tasted great! A nice Beer Float. I'll have to remember that combo for next time.

The beer rating sites gave this brew a decent score. Ratebeer gave this beer an 84th percentile and a 3.49/5 rating. And Beer Advocate graded this beer a "B+" with a 3.92/5 rating. As for me, this beer was the perfect compliment to the late night snack I was enjoying and it didn't buzz me quite as much as the Ten Fidy I had the previous night, but just enough to warm me up a bit. I'm going to give this brew a 3.6 out of 5 rating and will definitely look this beer up again. If you enjoy imperial porters like I do, it pays to try as many of this style as you can. I love the variety.

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