Saturday, February 23, 2008

Samuel Adams Honey Porter review

Samuel Adams Honey PorterI returned to an old reliable brewer for my next beer this week. The Boston Beer Company seems to put out a quality product no matter what beer they make. This time I chose the Samuel Adams Honey Porter. In my never ending quest for the perfect porter or stout, this one stood out as one that I knew I could reliably choose a 6-pack of and not be disappointed. As you can see from the pic, this beer pours a darkish brown with reddish overtones but not dark enough to block out all light. The light tan head was a very thick two and a half fingers worth upon entering the glass and the bead lasted for a long time after that.

This beer was brewed as a traditional English porter and had a decent amount of Scottish heather honey added to it. Boston Beer dry hopped this beer with East Kent Goldings along with some English Ale hops (Spalt Spalter & UK Fuggles) during the boil. The beer itself comes in around 5.45% ABV. Not sure of the IBU rating but didn't think that it was more than 30 by the taste. This Sam Adams beer uses a wide variety of malts including: Pale 2-row Metcalfe and Harrington, Munich 10, Caramel 60 and Weyermann Carafa. This blend ends up with a rich malty aroma mixed in with some sweet floral tones.

The taste of this beer is much what I expected. Nice to the tongue, slightly sweet with no bitter aftertaste. There is a slight malt kick just after swallowing this beer. I don't really get any coffee flavor here as I might in other porters. Yet quite nice. I'm going to add this to my repeat list for sure. Ratebeer gave this beer a moderate 60th percentile 3.15/5 score, while Beer Advocate gave this beer a "B+" / 3.78 out of 5 rating. Seems to be a wide range of opinions on this beer.

I realize that the Sam Adams line of beers is endless and I have quite a number of their beers left to try. A nice problem to have. Yet I fear that they may soon become more of a mainstream beer due to their popularity. Some people may lower their rating just because it's a beer that can be found almost anywhere now in the States. Regardless, this is a quality porter and I'd heartily recommend it to anyone. Don't worry, the honey doesn't make this beer too sweet by any means. The hops counter that very well. If it didn't have the word honey on the label I don't think I would have picked that out in the smell or taste. I'm going to give this beer a 3.5 out of 5 rating and put it on my favorite list. I'm going to have a nice time finishing off this 6-pack this week.

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