Monday, February 25, 2008

Most Bizarre Festival to Promote Beer In

This has got to be the strangest way for a brewer to promote their beer. The New Belgium Brewery of Fort Collins, Colorado, is a major sponsor in a small mountain town's festival in March. But this isn't your ordinary festival, it's an event to celebrate a man who has been cryogenically frozen in ice since 1989. The little town of Nederland, Colorado is hosting it's 7th annual Frozen Dead Guy Days on March 7-9, 2008.

Here is New Belgium's own words on this little known festival:

"This is the “coolest” local event for you front rangers. Come celebrate the decision to keep loved ones close during the holidays with the support of the entire town. Nederland transforms into a snowy memorial to Bredo Morstol and his frozen body with coffin sled races, pancake breakfasts just like grandpa Bredo used to make, a formal costume ball, slow-motion parades…the list goes on and on. This is the only event like it in the world. New Belgium backs it up with drink specials all over town, beer at the races and our very own sled team racing in a coffin shaped like a bottle of frosty brew. Don’t miss this one!"

And what beer are they showing off for this event? Why nothing but their seasonal 2ยบ Below Ale. It seems like the perfect fit. Promote a beer with a name as cold as ice at an event that celebrates a person who's literally cold as ice. What's next? Miller Chill?

Among the events held at the 7th annual FDGD are downtown coffin races, a contest to see who has the most frozen looking legs, a masquerade ball featuring a dead guy orchestra, and a Grandpa look alike contest. Now doesn't that make you want to head to the mountains and drink some beer? While you're there in Nederland, stop by the local brewpub - the Wild Mountain Smokehouse & Brewery.

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