Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Colorado One Step Closer to Sunday Sales

Colorado's House Finance Committee approved a proposal to allow Sunday liquor sales in Colorado this week in a move that brings the state another step closer to winning final approval. Previously, the Colorado Senate had already approved the bill. Now, the bill goes on to the appropriations committee for another vote.

Colorado is one of a handful of states in the USA that still bans Sunday liquor sales. Times have changed as most Americans use both days of the weekend to do much of their weekly purchasing. This bill is seen as updating Colorado to fit current trends.

The only downside for liquor store owners is that they won't get a day off should this bill get the final nod. They voiced their opinions against a previous attempt to open on Sunday's, but now are feeling compelled to do so in an effort to thwart similar legislation to allow supermarkets to sell a full range of liquor.

So while Coloradoans are still able to purchase a drink on Sundays from restaurants, they may soon be able to buy at their local liquor stores on the same day as well. Stay tuned for further developments.

If this bill gets final approval, it would tentatively take affect on July 1, 2008.

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