Friday, March 21, 2008

Get Behind the Scenes on Using Keg Systems

Kegging SystemsIt's amazing what you can find when you're surfing the net. I was investigating a brewery's web site today and found a link to their distributors. I looked up a local distributor and their web site had a link to an equipment manufacturer. This manufacturer provided all of the equipment a pub or bar needs to get the perfect beer from keg to glass. I found their web site at:

Micro Matic is a leading supplier of draught beer equipment. From CO2 and Nitrogen gas regulator systems, to line monitors, to stainless steel tap systems and to cleaning kits. This site has it all. They cater to the large pubs and restaurants to even the smaller professional kegerator systems. Normally I wouldn't have given this web site another look but what caught my eye was their professionally done training videos that detail out how a well built keg distribution system can be set up.

Some of their best videos can be found in their Micro Matic TV section under the Learn tab. There you will find some great videos on how a typical professionally installed beer tap system works. One of the best videos is called: "From Keg to Glass". If you've ever dreamed of owning your own bar or even setting up a professional keg system in your own basement, you'll be fascinated by these videos.

MicromaticYou might not be aware at just how much sophistication can go into a professional beer line setup. Micro Matic even has some forums dedicated to running beer dispensing systems. They even have an online store and sell everything you'd need for a complete setup.

So if you're a beer geek like me and are interested in seeing what it takes to setup and run your own keg systems you might want to check them out.

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