Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday Liquor Sales in Colorado Nears Approval

The long standing blue law in Colorado is one step closer to being eliminated. On Saint Patrick's Day, the Colorado House of Representatives gave their initial approval to allow Sunday liquor sales in Colorado. Now the Senate Bill 82 (SB-82) still needs to pass two more votes. One in the House and one more in the Senate with any last minute addendums before it goes to Governor Ritter for signature. If approved, Sunday liquor sales could begin as early as July 1st of this year.

While beer fans in Colorado may be excited about this, there are always a group of people who fear that Sunday liquor sales will only mean more DUI's, more opportunities for underage drinkers to get liquor and more highway deaths. Even some liquor store owners aren't happy as now they will have to work 7 days a week and not get any days off.

What this means for us Colorado beer drinkers is that instead of having to buy in larger quantities on Fridays or Saturdays, now we can spread out our purchases to any day of the week and plan our drinking in a more convenient way. I seriously doubt this means we'll all start drinking more, we'll just not have to horde as much. It'll just be more convenient. If I want to go buy a six pack for the weekend and I didn't get a chance to go out on Saturday then I'll always have Sunday to do it.

I'm usually at home on Sunday's and having a beer at home is about the only place these days where you don't have to worry about getting a DUI. Today's tough drunk driving laws are forcing more and more people to have their drink at home and stay off the roads. Seeing how the price of gas and beer are both shooting up these days, many of us won't be able to afford as much of the other anyway. I'm not going to end up buying more beer if they allow liquor sales on Sunday, but if I happen to want to buy some on Sunday I can.

Update: April 13, 2008 - The Colorado State Senate approved the bill by a 25-9 margin and now only needs the Governor's signature to become law. Looks like this is going to become a reality. Analysts predict that Sunday liquor sales will boost state tax revenues by an additional $4 million per year. Governor Ritter is expected to sign this into law on April 14, 2008. Click here for an update.

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