Friday, April 4, 2008

Avery White Rascal review

Avery White RascalNearly half a year ago when I began this long voyage of sampling beers, I never thought that I would come to love a wheat beer. It took a trip to Michigan and an offer to try something new to make me change my mind. Since then, my view of wheat beers have changed enough that I now enjoy them. I had already made my beer run for the week but was out picking up a movie rental and stopped in to the beer store next door and saw this 6-pack of Avery Brewing Company's Belgian-style wheat ale named Avery White Rascal and decided to add it to my mix for the weekend.

This style of beer is also known as a Witbier (or white beer) as it pours a cloudy white with pale yellow overtones. Wheat beers typically are unfiltered and still have yeast floating around in it. This beer yielded a nice bright white head with a delicate lingering lace. Just what I'd expect a beer like this to have. Now I'm not one to garnish a beer like this with fruit so I let the beer do it's own talking without any added flavor.

This beer is spiced with a trace of coriander and Curaco orange peel which give it a semi-sweet, funky yet hoppy aroma. Avery put in just one hop into this beer - the Czech Saaz hop. The Saaz along with the Belgian wheat and 2-row barley give this a very distinctive aroma that matches the style perfectly.

This beer drinks well cold. The taste is highly refreshing and would go well chilled on a hot day or inside with a meal. I chose to drink this along with an oriental chicken and rice dish. It seemed to go along with it well. This beer has a slightly tart taste at the end to blend with the wheat in the brew. The spices in this beer were not overpowering. Even the remaining yeast at the bottom of the bottle added to the flavor

This was a moderate alcohol beer at 5.6% ABV and had a very low bitterness with an IBU of 10. It drank easy and would be one I could have several of in a sitting. This style would be best drank cold outdoors, in the shade on a warm summer day.

I'm glad that someone had introduced me to the Belgian wheat (witbier) style under the right conditions. Now that I know what to expect and I've tasted it at a cooler temperature I really enjoy it. Avery's White Rascal was an easy wheat to drink. Thumbs up on this one. I think you'll enjoy this white little rascal.

Update: Avery now offers this beer in 12oz cans in 6-packs. Perfect for taking on a backpacking trip.

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