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Steamworks Colorado Kölsch Ale review

Steamworks Colorado Kölsch AleHere is a Colorado beer showing off it's state colors. Steamworks Brewing Company of Durango, Colorado has brewed up a nice German Kölsch ale with it's Colorado Kölsch Ale. With the sun coming out this weekend and the temperature creeping above 60 degrees, I felt like another lighter brew for this weekend. This Kölsch won a silver medal at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival last year, so apparently it's impressed a few judges. I've been on a Belgian / wheat kick lately and this one seemed to match my interests.

The beer poured a nice pale yellow color with a small but lingering white head. Just a few beads of carbonation rose from the bottom of the glass. Once in the glass I was met with a mildly sweet wheat aroma although much less so than a regular wheat beer. This beer seems to fit the style well if you read a related post by BeerSmith from earlier today. This beer is designed to drink like a session beer. At 4.5% ABV and a low hop 17 IBU this beer can be enjoyed in multiples.

At first taste, I noticed a very mild bitter flavor. I'm not sure which hops that Steamworks used in this beer, but I'm pretty sure they used a German pilsner malt along with some wheat. If not for the sweet aroma, it would have looked like a mass market beer, but don't let looks fool ya. This is a nice craft beer. The beer drinks smooth, slightly sweet, not malty and with a dry finish. It seemed to coat the back part of my tongue nicely as well. The 22 oz bottle was just the right size for this session as I was able to easily finish this beer.

For an award winning beer, the rating sites seem very mixed about this beer. Beeradvocate only recently added this beer to their listings but so far the grade seems to be a "B". Ratebeer on the other hand, didn't have much of an opinion on this beer as they put it in the 26th percentile with a 2.75/5 rating but then again, there aren't many reviews out on this beer yet. Apparently, the silver medal at the GABF hasn't been noticed yet. I enjoyed this beer myself. It was easier to drink than the Belgian White I had last night. While it's not an outstanding beer, it is still quite tasty. I'm going to give this a 3 out of 5 rating and will put this on my repeat purchase list for hot summer days.

Steamworks Colorado Kölsch canLate update: I just noticed that the bottle had an expiration date on it. It said, Best consumed before this date: September 2007. Oops. It seems that this beer was 7 months past it's freshness date. Still, it tasted good. I now wonder what it would taste like fresh.

Also this beer is now available in cans!

This beer won the Silver Medal in the Kolsch category at the 2008 World Beer Cup. This beer is starting to get some great recognition. The beer rating sites don't know what they are missing.

Now in truck size too!
Steamworks Beer Truck

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