Friday, April 11, 2008

One Less Blue Law in Colorado

Woohoo! The Denver Post is reporting that Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has vowed to sign into law Senate Bill 82 which will allow Sunday liquor sales at Colorado liquor stores for the first time in decades. Ritter plans to sign the bill into law in a ceremony on Monday, April 14th. The law will go into effect on July 1, 2008 just in time for the 3-day holiday weekend.

This is a cause for celebration for many but a concern for others. Liquor store owners will now need to stay open 7 days a week in order to stay competitive with other liquor stores. Sales revenues are bound to go up as well as tax revenues for the state. Others are worried that there will be more drunks on the roads on Sundays. But for the vast majority, this bill will move Colorado into more modern times. Getting rid of old outdated religious based laws is simply a step in the right direction. Colorado will now join over 30+ other states that allow Sunday liquor sales.

The bill does NOT allow convenience stores and grocery stores to sell full strength liquor and beer. A similar bill was voted down by the Colorado Senate earlier this year. Some say that this new law will give too much of a monopoly to liquor stores in Colorado. If anything, sales of the weaker 3.2% beer that was the only beer you could buy on Sundays will probably go way down or practically disappear. With full strength beer becoming available on Sundays after July 1st, there will essentially be no need to buy 3.2% beer any longer, unless of course drinking that stuff is your thing.

Time to celebrate Colorado beer drinkers! Now any day can be a day to buy and drink our fine Colorado ales and lagers. Now if July 1st will just hurry up and get here.

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