Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oskar Blues Opens Longmont Facility

If you're a fan of Oskar Blues and their best craft beer in a can, then you'll love this news. Oskar Blues' new brewing facility has just opened up in Longmont, Colorado. The facility itself is over 10 times bigger than their original brewery in Lyons, Colorado. This last weekend marked the start of their first batch of Dale's Pale Ale to be brewed there. The new facility was built at a cost of over $3 million. This new facility will focus on the brewing, canning and shipping of beers to many states in the US. Their small facility in Lyons just wasn't big enough to keep up with the ever growing demand for craft beer in a can. Now with their new production capability, Oskar Blues will now be able to produce over 30,000 barrels of beer a year.

Oskar Blues produces four styles of beer in a can including their flagship Dale's Pale Ale, Gordon (Strong Ale), Old Chub (Scottish Strong), and Ten Fidy Imperial Stout. These beers are currently available in over 18 states and soon California will be added to the list.

The new facility will now provide Oskar Blues with a greater ability to make experimental batches. Soon we may be able to see some new specialty beers being produced. Oskar Blues will still make beer out of their smaller Lyons brewery but that will now focus on making beer for just their restaurant.

The new Longmont facility may soon open up a tasting room later in the year. Details on that are forthcoming.

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