Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trappist Monks To Open New Brewery in Nunn

Nunn, Colorado (OP) - The tiny town of Nunn, Colorado will soon be home to a different kind of brewery, one run by Trappist Monks from Belgium. Frère Jacques Pascard and a group of monks are heading to the US to follow their faith and to brew beer in what they believe to be God's country. "We couldn't have picked a better place to devote ourselves to our faith and brew the best beer in the world". The monks have purchased a 90 acre site on the outskirts of Nunn where they will set up a new monastery and brewhouse. The monks will be brewing what some believe will be the best beer in the world in the yet to be named facility.

"Our operations will be totally organic in nature. We will use only the best ingredients found naturally around northern Colorado. We've heard a lot about the Colorado environment and it's natural resources" says Pascard. "We plan to brew beer using some very unique ingredients." The monastery plans to brew beer with grains and plants found in Weld County and surrounding areas. Some of the ingredients they plan on using may seem quite surprising. In addition to using barley and hops, the Trappist monks intend to use sage, tumbleweed and thistle - plants that are in ample supply in the area.

"Our brothers have already made contracts with local organic growers in the region to bring us some of the best supplies in the area", says Pascard. Growers such as Prairie Tumbleweed Farm in Garden City, Kansas could see a 50% increase in business over the course of the next few years. The natural properties in tumbleweed, sage and thistle provide a unique quality and character to beer, according to the monks.

The new monastery will break ground later this month and is expected to be completed in time for next year's harvest in August 2009. Beer geeks from around the nation are looking forward to having authentic Belgian Trappist beer available to them in the USA. The monk's beers will only be available at the monastery and by appointment only. Supplies will be limited and are expected to sell out well in advance. The new monastery and brewery should become quite the attraction for the small town of Nunn.

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