Friday, May 30, 2008

Tommyknocker Butt Head Doppelbock review

Tommyknocker Butt Head DoppelbockToday the 6-pack sampler from Tommyknocker Brewery is half empty or half full (depending what your outlook is) as we move onto Part 3 of the Trail Mix series of reviews. I cracked open a nice cold bottle of the Tommyknocker Butt Head Doppelbock Lager this evening. This beer has the potential to butt heads with you as it comes in at a hefty 8.2% ABV. As it's name implies, it comes with a butt load (couldn't resist) of Munich, carapils, caramel and chocolate malts to give it a rich taste and to boost the ABV value as well. Right after opening up the bottle, the smell of these rich malts starts filling the air. It has a nice roastiness to it.

It's been several weeks since I've poured a darker brew so I was ready for a change. This one pours a deep dark amber. This time I didn't see any chill haze in the brew as I did in the other brews from Idaho Springs CO. It's nearly clear and has a moderate amount of carbonation. There wasn't much of a head to it when I poured and what was left of it went away fairly quickly. Still, the smell of this beer was so inviting. The German Hallertau hops also give this a distinctive Bavarian flair. Just the right smell I was hoping for in a double goat (ie doppelbock) brew.

Once I tipped back the glass, I could taste the abundance of malts. The caramel and chocolate malts in particular stood out. This beer doesn't taste like a porter or stout by any means as it is a bit lighter in body than those darker brews. This beer is bittered just right in my opinion. The sweetness of the malts balance well with the Hallertau hops. I'm really liking this beer!

So far, of the three Tommyknocker's I've sampled, I'm liking this one the best. The beer ranking sites seem to agree as well. See BeerAdvocate and Ratebeer for more reviews on this Doppelbock. Ratebeer also classifies this beer as a Winter Seasonal. I can see why they would say that, but this beer would drink well at any time of year.

I'm glad I saved this beer for a Friday as I really getting into this brew. Perfect for live blogging to. I'll give this beer a malty 3.5 out of 5 ranking and a thumbs up for a repeat buy.

Next up in the series: Tommyknocker Alpine Glacier Lager

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