Monday, May 26, 2008

Tommyknocker Trail Mix Sampler Pack

Tommyknocker Trail Mix Sampler PackToday I'm previewing a mini-series of reviews based on a sampler pack I picked up for the Memorial Day weekend. There is a small brewer and soda maker that hides up the I-70 corridor at Idaho Springs, Colorado called the Tommyknocker Brewery.

Their beers and soft drinks are easily identified by the clever little cartoon miners on their labels. The reason I chose Tommyknocker beers to sample was very simple - they put out a fantastic 6-pack sampler called their "Trail Mix" with 6 different beers. It's like being right at their tap room without leaving home. I didn't have to shell out a lot of money to try 6 different beers.

I almost never see a sampler pack do it this way. Normally in a brewer sampler pack, you have to buy an entire 12 pack and might get 4 different beers in triplicate. But not here. Tommyknocker knows that some beer drinkers (like me) simply want to try one of their beers and not have to invest in a bigger pack to get a big variety. Man, I wish more brewers would do this (hint hint). In particular, brewers who wish to expand into other states might want to put out a 6-pack sampler like this.

There have been a few other breweries I've seen put out smaller sampler packs, like Flying Dog and their 4-pack of Canis Major brews. But this is not the norm. Breweries want to sell in quantity and putting out 6 different beers in a single 6-pack might not make good business sense. But for me, a guy who likes to try as many beers as possible without having to spend a lot of money, I appreciate the variety and affordability that this sampler provides. This type of sampler won't work for every situation however. If you like to sample beers with friends then a 12-pack sampler might be a better option. But if you don't always have a drinking buddy handy and you're wanting to find a new session brew, this type of thing works well.

Tommyknocker beer labels 2011Update 2011: All Tommyknocker beers have a new look. Gone are the cartoony labels. Now it has a more modern classic look.

During the next few blog posts, I'll be reviewing the 6 different beers from this sampler. These beers include Tommyknocker's: Jack Whacker Wheat Ale, Pick Axe Pale Ale, Alpine Glacier Lager, Butt Head Dopplebock Lager, Ornery Amber and their Maple Nut Brown Ale. Most of these beers have won medals in major competitions over the last several years. I can't wait to dive into these beers and post some reviews.

First up: Jack Whacker Wheat Ale.

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