Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oskar Blues Ships to California

Oskar BluesWe've known for a while now that Oskar Blues recently opened up it's new brewing facility down the hill from Lyons in Longmont Colorado. Since then, the brewery expanded operations into Texas and became the 18th state to offer O.B. in a can. Now, Oskar Blues is expanding once again and this time into California. While this news may not come as a surprise, the real surprise is who is going to be showcasing the new brews in the Golden State. Would you believe Stone Brewing Company?

I received a newsletter today from the Stone Brewing Company and, much to my surprise, I found out that they will be sponsoring a "Keep the Glass Night" featuring Oskar Blues beers. Below is a blurb from their newsletter describing the event:

Question: What tastes better, beer from a can or beer from a bottle? Answer: Depends on the beer—and the glass that you pour it in. Join us for another installment of “Keep the Glass Night,” where we will be featuring some of the best canned beer in the Rockies…hee hee…and Wayne Anderson and Chris Katechis don’t need commercials to convince you of it either! Newly arrived in Southern California all the way from Lyons, Colorado, Oskar Blues’ brews have already racked up a decade’s worth of accolades. Whether you try their delicious Dale’s Pale Ale or their Old Chub Scottish Style Ale, you’ll be impressed. And yes, you should always pour a great beer into a proper glass. Don’t have one? We’ll let you take one home! Call us enablers.

Go figure. Doesn't a brewery like Oskar Blues directly compete with Stone Brewery? So why the welcoming committee? Perhaps Stone is a big fan of the O.B. brews. Or rather it's a unique brotherhood that all craft brewers seem to share. I applaud Stone for letting their patrons sample world class beers. Just don't expect them to offer it up as a regular feature for a long period of time.

Kudos to Oskar Blues for their success in expanding even further across the nation. With it's expanded facilities, perhaps one day the entire country will have access to their one of a kind "Gonzo Beer in a Can".

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