Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boulder Beer Taphouse to open at DIA

There's a new taphouse in Denver but it's in a place that you'll probably only go to if you're on your way to the airport. The Boulder Beer Company has licensed the new Boulder Beer Taphouse in the main terminal at Denver International Airport that opened on August 1st, 2008. The Taphouse features many of Boulder Beer's regular and seasonal offerings. Got a delayed flight or just waiting for someone to arrive at the main terminal? Why not stop and enjoy one of many cold Boulder Beer ales while you point and laugh at the poor people waiting in line to go through security. Now, hanging out in the main terminal never sounded so good. Boulder Beer website.

Follow-up news (October 2008): Boulder Beer's Marketing Director Dan Weitz talked about other places around the DIA concourses where you can also drink some Boulder beer:

At the airport, Lefty’s has a bar in all the concourses that carries at least 3 of our beers on draft. They’re owned by the same company that operates our Boulder Beer Taphouse (it’s a licensing thing – we go out there as much as possible, but we/they have no ownership interest in each other. That explains the polo shirts on the staff. I’m working on loosening them up a bit, and hopefully by next summer they’ll be allowed to wear shorts, bowling shirts, etc. and be a little more “Boulder.” While we trained them prior to opening about beer and specifically our beer, they don’t actually work for the brewery.)
So don't fret if you had to race through security to get to your gate, you can still find a Boulder Beer out on the concourse at DIA. It may make a delayed flight a bit more tolerable.

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