Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crabtree Boxcar Brown and Crabtree Twisted Creek Wheat reviews

Crabtree BrewingI'm doing a double review today. I had the pleasure of visiting my local hometown brewery Crabtree Brewing Company of Greeley, Colorado. I've somehow put off visiting this brewery for the last two years but could not wait any longer to go visit them. Crabtree is hidden amongst the railroad tracks on the east side of town in a small warehouse brewery. I had the opportunity to meet both the owner / brewer Jeff Crabtree and his wife Stephanie. Both of them are primarily responsible for running the entire operation at Crabtree. After a quick tour and an interview with Jeff, I got to sample a few of their top brews. I liked them so much I put together a sampler pack from their cooler and brought them home for closer inspection.

Crabtree Boxcar Brown

Crabtree Boxcar BrownThe first beer for review is considered their flagship beer - Crabtree's Boxcar Brown. If you look out on either Ratebeer or BeerAdvocate you won't see many reviews on their beers yet. The brewery has only been in operation for 2 years and is still trying to get some exposure. Don't let the smallness of this operation fool you. Crabtree makes some good quality beers. This brown ale pours a lovely dark brown with scarlet highlights. There was a nice full inch tall tan head that appeared upon pouring but quickly dissipated down to a small bead.

The Boxcar Brown had a wonderful nutty roasty taste that was pleasantly surprising. It's got a full body and great mouth feel. The brew comes in at 5.28% ABV and is balanced well with just enough hops to notice. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this brown better than the Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown and the Rock Bottom Molly's Titanic Brown. I can see why this would be considered one of their flagship beers. Definitely worth a look. If you're in state and are looking for a beer to try - check this one out. 3.5 out of 5 rating.

Crabtree Twisted Creek Wheat

Crabtree Twisted Creek WheatThe second Crabtree brew of the day is also the 1st brew that the brewery ever put out - the Twisted Creek Wheat.

Twisted Creek pours a traditional cloudy dark yellow and had a decent sized white head on it. The head leaves a nice small lacing on the side of the glass. It has the distinct wheat aroma, somewhat funky and with a mild citrus overtone.

The taste is very smooth. I can see why folks at the beer fest like this. Goes down easy on a hot day. It has a slightly sweet taste and had a mild carbonation to the mouth feel. I'm not much of a big wheat beer drinker, but this one struck me as something I could get used to. The aroma seemed to change a bit as it warmed. From funky to slightly lemony. I enjoyed every drop of it. The taste is better than the aroma, but still worthy of your consideration. 3.2 out of 5 rating.

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