Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Liquor now sold 7 days a week in Colorado

It's July 1st and for beer drinkers in Colorado this is a day to celebrate. For as of today, liquor stores in Colorado will be able to legally sell beer on Sundays for the first time in 75 years thanks to a law passed this Spring to repeal one of the few remaining Colorado Blue Laws.

Ever since 1933, a state law has been in effect to prohibit the sale of alcohol in an effort to protect the Christian sabbath. But due to changing times and lifestyles, many Coloradoans find themselves unable to shop during Monday through Saturday and Sunday was their only option. This made it difficult to buy beer or alcohol on Sundays. Only convenience stores and grocery stores were allowed to sell 3.2 beer on Sundays.

Colorado becomes the 35th state to allow liquor sales on Sunday and also the 12th state to pass such legislation since 2002.

With the passage of the new law, the sales of 3.2 beer in Colorado are most likely to go away as full strength beer can now be purchased from stores 7 days a week. Convenience stores are likely to be hit the hardest with some stores likely to lose up to 14% of their sales due to this legislation.

I for one welcome the change. There have been countless weekends where I wish I could have picked up a 6-pack on Sunday. My only other alternative for a fine craft beer was to find one at a local restaurant. But now it will be a luxury to be enjoyed any day of the week.

Most liquor stores I've talked to state that they'll open up as early as 10am on Sundays and stay open until 6 or 7pm. Liquor stores are having to staff up for the extra day. Many store owners complain that now they will have no days off. In order to stay competitive, most liquor stores will need to post some amount of Sunday hours.