Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beer Diet Challenge - End of week 2

Today marks the end of the 2nd week of the Great American Beer Diet Challenge. This has been a terrible week for me health wise. It had a great start though as I reported having a wonderful beer run on Sunday to DaveCo in Thornton with some fellow beer writers. But it quickly went downhill.

By Sunday evening I was getting a sore throat and sneezing and getting stuffed up. By Monday I could not speak and felt absolutely plugged up. I was coughing as well. I spent Monday and Tuesday working from home (one of my luxuries) but wasn't very productive those days. Needless to say I didn't exercise those 2 days.

By Wednesday, I was feeling OK enough to go into the office but was still coughing and a bit congested still. My fellow office workers sure noticed. Perhaps I should have stayed home one more day. I did get to exercise a lot on Thursday but felt really drained after that.

I had been avoiding all alcohol this week until last night. It was the first day I felt like trying a beer again. But man, do I wish I had waited longer. My sense of smell was totally out of whack. I had opened up a nice Belgian dubbel, one from my beer run and poured it into a nice wide glass. Trouble was, I could barely smell anything. Dang it! No matter what I did, I just could barely smell anything but some alcohol. The whole experience seemed rather medicinal than an enjoyable experience.

I sadly finished the entire glass without being able to truly taste much of this beer. Instead of having a nice wonderful write-up on a Westmalle Trappist Ale, I've got an empty glass and some frustrating couple of lines of notes. It simply wasn't possible to review this beer with the slight congestion I still had. What a shame. I felt it was a big waste of a good beer.

I ended up not exercising much the entire week due to my health. In fact I sat in a folding chair all day long outside in hot 90 degree heat watching my son play in a tennis tournament. I'm sunburned, tired and in need of some skin cream to soothe the burn.

I wondered just what, if any, weight I had lost this week. Being sick may help keep the calories off because I didn't feel much like eating for 3 days. So this morning I got on the scale and saw 186 pounds. What? That's 5 pounds lighter than last week! I didn't believe it so I got on the scale again. It then showed 188 pounds. I wondered what was going on so I ended up moving the scale around and ended up weighing myself 5 times. At the highest it showed 191 and at the lowest it showed 185.

I decided to take the average of those 5 readings and officially mark myself down at 188 pounds. That's 3 pounds lighter than last week. Nothing big and considering being sick I guess I'll take it.

My biggest fear is that I'll get real hungry this week as my health returns to normal. I'll have to fight that urge and get back to exercising and watching what I eat again.

I managed drinking only 3 beers last week (2 Sunday and 1 Saturday) so I wasn't able to keep up with that, but given the circumstances that's all I could manage.

I heard from BeerBuddha earlier this week. He's having to evacuate in advance of hurricane Gustav. He dropped another 5 pounds as of Thursday and is down to 272. Way to go! I've yet to hear back from "A beer sort of girl" and fear she may be out of the competition. And James Spencer, please chime in with your weekly update when you can.

Here's hoping that I get back to normal this week and can fully continue exercising again and continuing to drop more pounds.

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