Thursday, August 28, 2008

A beer run to remember

Eli Shayotovich and Erik BolesI'm here to report on my most ultimate beer run that I've had in a lifetime. I got a message from my good Internet beer buddies (pictured here) Eli Shayotovich (The Mad Beer Geek and the former Colorado Springs Beer Examiner) and Erik Boles (head honcho of BeerTapTV / Drench Networks) about a beer run they wanted to do and wanted to know if I could come along. Heck ya! I've been wanting to meet these guys in person for a long time and now I finally had the chance.

They suggested three destinations: Applejack Liquors in Wheat Ridge, DaveCo Liquors in Thornton and LiquorMax in Loveland. At first we were going to visit all three stores but ultimately decided on DaveCo. And wow, did we make the right choice.

For those of you not familiar with DaveCo Liquors, they are the World's Largest Liquor Store. Yup, the biggest according to the Guinness Book of World Records. I mean this place was HUGE! I called it the Super WalMart of liquor stores. This place was bigger than my local King Soopers and every aisle was packed with wine, beer or hard liquor.

Erik brought along his trusty iPhone and recorded our reaction in a video to the massive selection of bottles we saw in the coolers. I'll post the video below as well. If you can't view the video below, check it out on

We must have spent a couple hours in that store just gaping at the selection. They had a nice section dedicated to 6-packs and 12-packs as well. Here is a run down of the selections I made: - Breckenridge 471 Small Batch 22oz - St. Bernardus Abt 12 - Chimay Blue and Red - 330ml bottles - Avery Ale to the Chief - 22oz - Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti (x2) 22oz - Duvel .750L - Stone Vertical Epic 08-08-08 22oz - Russian River Pliny the Elder 16oz - Russian River Blind Pig 16oz - Westmalle Double 330ml - Fort Collins Brewery Double Chocolate Stout 22oz - Boulder Beer Cold Hop 22oz - Left Hand Oktoberfest 6-pk - Great Divide Yeti (regular) 4-pk - Twisted Pine Sampler (12-pk) Plus I got to swap 1 or 2 bottles from Eli and Erik's cart and picked up some extra singles. After checking out, the damage was added up and I managed (somehow) to spend less than Eli or Erik, but as Erik says "We've got a beer show to put on". He needed to stock up for their future shows. We ended our beer run with a stopover at the local Old Chicago's in Broomfield just a bit southwest of DaveCo. I had a delicious Deschutes Black Butte Porter and a bunch of yummy nachos. Needless to say I wasn't very hungry for dinner when I got home. Ah well. Great beer run guys. Let's do this again sometime soon, er that is, once I've managed to deplete most of this stock. Related links: - Eli's account of the beer run. - Erik Boles' QIK video page. This article came from Help us grow. Forward this article to a friend and have them subscribe here