Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let the competition begin!

Today officially marks the beginning of the Great American Beer Diet Challenge. I have three brave people who took up my challenge to lose the greatest percentage of body weight from August 17th to October 11th and still drink one beer per day in addition to excercising. The one who loses the biggest percentage of body weight and beats my numbers will win a 6-pack of Colorado craft beer from yours truly, Chipper Dave.

Here are the competitors:

* Beerbuddha - from
* James Spencer - from
* a_beer_sort_of_girl - from
* Chipper Dave - from

Now for the official starting numbers on me. When I announced the challenge, I started out at 196 pounds. But I didn't wait until today to start exercising and losing weight. I'm officially starting out the contest weighing in at 192 pounds. The picture to the right shows my numbers as of this morning. Yes, I'm 4 pounds lighter than a few days ago but those 4 pounds won't count (luckily for you contestants). I now ask that my competition please post your official starting numbers on your web sites and post a comment here with your starting numbers. Anyone else who wants to join in this little weight loss challenge are more than welcome, but you won't be eligible for the beer.

All I ask of the competitors is to not give up drinking your favorite craft beers during this 8-week competition. Post a weekly update of your progress including some details on what you're doing to lose weight and what beer you've been enjoying during the challenge.

I'm using my exercise bike, a Wii Fit exercise program and my trusty tennis racket for playing tennis. I'll be initially sipping on some Dale's Pale Ale this week to kick things off. That's no light weight beer either.

Good luck to all participants. May we all end up losing a lot of weight. Or if not a lot, at least have some fun in the process and lose a few. Looking forward to seeing your weekly updates! Now get out there and start exercising !Cheers!

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