Monday, September 1, 2008

Fantasy Football and Beer

Fantasy Football Draft desk
Come September a man's fancy (as well as many womens' fancy) turns to none other than fantasy football and beer. This year we've really combined the two together well. Today, ten bold craft beer fanatics from The Aleuminati - the (not so) secret society of better beer drinkers gathered today, got together via the Internet to challenge each other to a wild and wacky season of fantasy football. The stakes were simple. Each of us wagered a 6-pack of craft beer each to go to the league champion at the end of the year. The league winner would be stocked up well for the winter.

The photo above shows my Draft Central. My desk was filled with notes, schedules, stats, plenty of craft beer, my favorite web sites and more beer. I figured I had done my homework and was ready to go. But nothing really prepares you for the anxiety of being on the clock and you begin to second guess yourself. Better have another beer.
top 3 or 4 Running Back or perhaps go with the top Quarterback or Wide Receiver.

Our league has 10 teams and I pulled the 4th overall pick in the 1st round. I knew that anything could happen so I didn't really pre-select any players ahead of time other than who I might select in the 1st round depending on which pick I got. With the 4th pick I figured I had a chance to get a
Welcome to the frenzied world of fantasy football. It's been a tradition for me each year ever since the mid 1980's. I've been involved in at least 1 or 2 fantasy leagues for the last 20+ years. Why do I do it? It's only way to ensure yourself that no matter what game that is showing on TV there's bound to be at least 1 or more players that you're following or playing against.

I'm a firm believer that if it wasn't for fantasy football, the NFL would have been struggling to survive years ago. This has been one of the greatest recreational inventions of modern man. That and good craft beer. The two just go together. I certainly enjoyed a brew or two during the fast 45-minute draft. I managed to kill off a North Coast Red Seal Ale, a Left Hand Oktoberfest Marzen Lager, and a stand-by New Belgium Somersault. It helped make draft day that much more enjoyable although after a while my picks may have been influenced by the beers I drank.

After the draft was over, I evaluated my newly drafted team and decided to give myself a B- for the draft. While I picked up a great Running Back, Quarterback and Wide Receiver in the early rounds, I failed to get a great crop of receivers along the way. I ended up making a questionable pick or two in the middle rounds due to missing the fact that a certain receiver had already been picked and I missed it. Once I realized that I only had 15 seconds to find another replacement and ended up picking a receiver that I really didn't want.

Ah well, that's fantasy football for ya. Come prepared or prepare to get your butt kicked!

What about you?

How many of my loyal readers play fantasy football? What kind of league to you play in? If you've never tried fantasy football, would you ever consider it?

Well, I've got another draft day tomorrow. I think I should be able to improve on this team a bit. Just gotta remember to keep an eye on the Bye weeks and not get caught up too much in the smack talk during the draft. Cheers!

Post season update: I finished 2nd place and lost out in the league championship. That's football for ya!

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