Sunday, September 14, 2008

GABDC Week 4 update

The final weigh-inHere's a quick update on my progress in the Great American Beer Diet Challenge. Today marks the end of the 4th week of trying to lose weight. I must say that I have been a complete slacker when it has come to exercise. Still, I've been doing my best to watch my food intake and that has been my only saving grace this last 2 weeks. I stepped on my Wii Fit today and it kidded me that it forgot who I was since I hadn't worked out in 2 weeks. But when it measured me, it told me that I had lost another 1.1 pounds.

The bathroom scale blinked a surprising 186 at me today. I got on and off of it multiple times and each time the reading came back the same. So, I'll officially call my weight for the week at 186 pounds. That is 1 pound less than last week and 6 pounds less than when the competition began. Unofficially, I'm 10 pounds less than when I got the idea and 19 pounds less than from my heaviest weight (205).

So Beerbuddha and James, I've given you guys all the slack I'm going to give you. Hope you took advantage of my laziness over the past two weeks and have shed the pounds.

I'm back to my regular amount of beer intake (1 bottle per day) and believe me, my taste for beer isn't light weight. Just last night I had a nice 22oz bottle of Fort Collins Brewery's Double Chocolate Stout. It was a nice hefty full calorie brew that I am sure will stick with me for a while.

So there you have it. Slacker or not, I continue to lose weight ever so slowly. At this rate I might be around 182 in time for the Great American Beer Festival. Then again, I might just fall off the bandwagon and zoom back up to 190. You never know.

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