Sunday, September 28, 2008

GABDC Week 6 update

Is it Sunday already? Where did the week go? Work and life has been very busy lately. I managed to work out twice this week, but I'm afraid it's not enough to get past my latest weight plateau. Last week I weighed in at 189 after pigging out during a weekend trip. This week, while I didn't go on long trip, I did go camping with the Boy Scouts. I typically don't starve during campouts but I don't snack much either. I got even more sun tan on my arms but didn't get to drink any beer for a while. Maybe that's a good thing for a day or two.

After I got back from the campout, I jumped on the scale fully clothed and the scales showed 186. OK, so that's at least 3 pounds down from last week. A step in the right direction but that's been the low mark for several weeks. With 2 weeks left in the challenge I feel that I'm going to have to make a huge effort these last two weeks to get down to the 179 mark. It's going to be difficult to say the least. Think I can do it? Well let's find out.

While I plan to continue to losing weight after the Great American Beer Festival, I'm probably not going to knock my self out doing it. With the holidays still ahead, it would be nice to get down to "fighting weight" again before the feasts begin.

So how is my competition doing? I think BeerBuddha got off to a hot start and hasn't had to push himself lately due to the lack of effort on my part. If I don't want to buy him a 6-pack I'd better focus. As for James Spencer, I think he may have given up for now, or has he? Time to check in guys.