Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Odell to release Hand Picked Pale Ale

Odell Hand Picked Pale AleThe brewers over at Odell Brewing Company of Fort Collins Colorado are up to something new once again. Earlier last month, they released their 1st oak aged Woodcut beer. This month, they're doing something completely different. Odell plans to release an all-Colorado grown hop beer at a tapping party next Monday, September 22nd. This beer is named "Hand Picked Pale Ale". This beer was grown in cooperation with Colorado State University and will be the 1st beer in Colorado to feature hops that were all grown in-state. The tapping celebration runs from 4-6pm Monday.

Colorado is an area that traditionally hasn't been used for hop farming on a large scale, but researchers at CSU are trying to find a way to change that. CSU grad students like Ali Hamm see big opportunity for hop farming here in Colorado and are researching which hops grow best in this area. The hops she and other students at CSU are researching are grown organically. Odell's Hand Picked Ale is benefiting from the work being done here locally by the college in Fort Collins.

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