Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick GABDC update for week 5

It's been another very busy week and it's time for a quick progress update on the Great American Beer Diet Challenge for the end of Week 5. I started off the week all gung-ho about exercising again. I continued my one per day beer allowance and initially excercised during the first part of the week. I tried sticking to my reduced calorie food intake for the most part, but I went on a weekend vacation up in the mountains Friday through Sunday and ate out a lot. To compensate for the big meals, I went hiking along some nice mountain trails. I stepped on the scale last night and was a bit surprised to find that I had gained 3 pounds for the week. I'm up to 189 again and will need to burn off my weekend excess food intake as soon as possible.

Diets seem to go fairly well during the first few weeks then seem to taper off later on. I'm still determined to lose more weight and would love to get down to 180 by the Great American Beer Festival but I'm starting to doubt if I'll make that goal. Those last 9 pounds will probably be the hardest ones to lose as I'll have to pick up the exercising quite a bit to drop those pounds.

I've heard that BeerBuddha and James from Basic Brewing are having their own difficulties at this point, so perhaps I still have a shot at beating them at this little competition. There are still 19 days remaining and still more beer to drink. Let's hope I can refocus and get back to my exercising big time during these last 3 weeks.

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