Friday, October 17, 2008

Avery Ale to the Chief review

Avery Ale to the ChiefI purposely kept from tasting this beer until the last televised Presidential debate of 2008. Earlier this year, Avery Brewing Company of Boulder Colorado came out with a beer in honor of the 2008 Presidential Election - Avery Ale to the Chief. Billed as both a double IPA and an American Strong Ale, Ale to the Chief debuted shortly before the national party conventions and got a lot of buzz in the beer news. I picked up a bottle of this shortly after it came out but hadn't opened it up until now.

Appearance: Ale to the Chief poured a clear copper red with a decent near white head. The foam left a slight lacing along the side of the glass.

Aroma: The brew had the aromas of pine and grapefruit citrus and smelled like a classic IPA. The smell was very inviting.

Taste/Mouthfeel: The ale had a full bodied mouth feel. It was strong on taste and strong in ABV (8.75%). It was ever so slightly sweet and bitter. It seemed spot on for style. The taste had a dry finish to it. The hops seemed well balanced with the malts.

Due to it's higher alcohol content you must approach this beer with some respect and enjoy this in moderation as the alcohol tended to sneak up on me later in the sampling.

The aroma of this beer intrigued me immediately upon opening. That's always a good sign in my book. The taste later confirmed my impression that this was a fine strong ale / DIPA.

Overall: I fear that this beer was made only on a limited run and may not be available for long. I'd better go out and grab another one before they are all gone. I'm going to give this beer a big THUMBS UP and a repeat buy recommendation. I wish they'd make this all the time and in 6-packs. The bomber bottles are fine for sharing but if you are wanting to take this with you and just have one (and one will do you just fine) I'd rather have it in a 12oz bottle. Dogfish Head puts out it's IPAs in 12oz bottles and I wish Avery would do the same with these beers.

Have you tried this brew yet? What were your impressions? Is this beer as good as others you've tried? Please let me know your comments on this beer.

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