Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Braggot worth boasting about

Crabtree Brewing CompanyIt's not often that you hear about a brewery releasing a Braggot. A local Colorado small craft brewery, Crabtree Brewing, has brewed up a new beer concoction that will soon hit the local store shelves in time for Christmas. What's a Braggot you say? According to the HomeBrewTalk's wiki page:

"Braggot, sometimes called Bracket or brackett, is the traditional term for a fermented beverage made with malt as well as honey; it can be considered as a malt mead or a honey beer, depending on the relative amount of fermentables from each source. A mead may simply get some flavor from steeped specialty grains, or it may get, by some definitions, as much as 80% of its fermentables from malt. Braggot may be hopped or unhopped. Alternatively, a batch of beer and a batch of mead may be brewed separately and then blended, either in the secondary fermenter or in the bottle. Braggot may also be prepared in a traditional style by blending beer and mead just before serving."

According to owner and head brewer Jeff Crabtree, "the brewery is releasing a new type of beer to the Colorado market. The Braggot is an Imperial Stout made with mead and this is by far my favorite beer to date. It's already been packaged in 22oz bottles and is currently being aged at cellar temps. It will be ready for Christmas 2008 and we only packaged 200 cases of the Braggot."

With a very limited supply of this beer going to be available, you can imagine that this beer is going to sell out very quickly. The beer forum over at BeerAdvocate alerted me to this rumor and I confirmed it with the brewery. Sounds like this beer is getting a lot of attention. Just as soon as the artwork and release dates are known I'll post an update to this story here. Stay tuned!

Continue reading: Crabtree taps it's new braggot...

More news from Crabtree:

Beer Specials… This Weekend Only!! Extended Hours…. This Weekend Only!!

Friday… October 31, 2008… HALLOWEEN!!!
Halloween Pre-Drinks at Crabtree. Tasting room hours… 1pm – 8pm.

****New Brewer’s Reserve Release****
Crabtree’s Pumpkin Ale
Pints of pumpkin ale for Friday only $3.00/16oz.pint


Aged to perfection in the corner of the cooler is a keg of yummy delicious Golden 8. It will be tapped on Friday October 31st also (sorry, no growlers)

Saturday… November 1, 2008….
Daylight savings time ends at 2am on Sunday. Celebrate your extra hour at the brewery!! Permanent Menu Beers…. $3.00/pint. Tasting room hours will be 1pm-8pm.

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