Sunday, October 26, 2008

Colorado homebrew blogger goes video

One of your favorite Colorado homebrewing experts just went video. DJ Spiess (or Deege) of the website Fermentarium has just put out his first video episode for his web site entitled: "Inside Fermentarium". This video blog is a hip and tech savvy look at the craft beer and homebrewing world from the eyes of a local Colorado homebrewer and beer blogger.

His first episode talks about the myth of the tongue map, brewing a cure for cancer, spotlighting great beer and wine social networking sites, some great shots from the GABF and a shout out to some of his favorite beer blogs. I was honored that DJ mentioned this blog in his 1st episode. Thanks Deege!

If you want to see a great professionally done video blog, please check out Inside Fermentarium over at Looks to be a great series. If you are a Twitter user, you can follow him at @deege.

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