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Falling Rock Tap House 2008 GABF plans

Falling Rock Tap HouseFresh off the email wire comes news of 2008 GABF week long parties at the Falling Rock Tap House. If you are familiar with this popular beer bar you know how crowded things can get, especially during the Great American Beer Festival. If you want to be there for these parties better get there early and be patient. Here is the run down of all the activities planned for GABF week in 2008. (Corrected date version)

2008 Falling Rock GABF Schedule

Monday Oct. 6th
5 pm - GABF Kickoff Tapping Party
Our Countdown Clock reaches Zero and 10-12 Special Kegs Get Tapped. Kegs are an assortment of kegs that I have saved for this event and some sent by the breweries for the tapping party.

Wednesday Oct. 8th
4pm - Oskar Blues "Got Wood?" - Try out some of Oskar Blues beers aged in Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Barrels.
9 pm - Avery Brewing brings a few unusual experiments to the table. Ūberschwein (Hog Heaven dry hopped in the keg), Bad Sally #2 (Salvation aged in a oak barrel for 6mos w/ a secondary Brettanomyces fermentation), Reverend Rare (Reverend aged in an Eagle Rare Barrel), Deviation (Kaiser fermented with their Belgian Yeast strain) & Vogelbekdieren (Platypus).

Thursday Oct 9th
11am-2pm - San Francisco Beer Week. Come try a taste of some of the Bay Area's Beers & find out more about the SF Beer Week, February 6-15 2009.
10 pm - An Evening with Dan Shelton of Shelton Brothers Imports. Dan imports some of the most distinctive and traditional beers in the world. Come & drink things like Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus & Iris on draught as well as quite a few bottled products from his line-up.
11:00 pm - Stone Brewing, Greg's Stash. Once again I got to raid Greg Koch's vintage Cellar for this event. Wanna know what was in Greg's Stash? How about an '07 Russian Imperial Stout, a keg of the Alesmith/Mikkeler/Stone Collaboration and 10th Anniversary Ale? Also we'll have a keg of Vertical Epic 08.08.08.

Friday Oct. 10th
High Noon - Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale "Kill-a-Keg"
Come help us beat last year's time of 15 minutes 42 seconds to drain a Keg of Harvest Ale. Harvest Ale was the First "Wet Hop" beer, now in it's 12th year of production. Always one of our Favorites here @ Falling Rock.
12:15pm Sierra Nevada Chico Estate Harvest Ale. The Hops for this Harvest Ale were harvested off of Sierra Nevada's own hop farm on the brewery grounds. Currently around 3 acres with an additional 8 acres being planted this coming year. Only 3 kegs allocated to Colorado, we have them so come & get it!
10 pm - All About Beer Magazine & Dogfish Head "Around the World in 6 Beers" Taste the flavors collected from all over the planet as represented by some of Dogfish Head's special beers. Raison d'Etre, Chateau Jiahu, Midas Touch, Pangaea, Palo Santo, and the all new Theobroma (made with Aztec cocoa powder and cocoa nibs , honey, chilies, and annatto (fragrant tree seeds). Price $10 for a sample of all 6 & a special Glass from All About Beer Magazine.
11pm - Alaskan Brewing - The folks in Juneau sent us a key of 2006 Barleywine and they just released 2008 Alaskan Smoked Porter.

Saturday Oct. 11th
5pm - Russian River Brewing. Vinnie & Natalie Cilurzo graciously sent us 2 - 5gal kegs of their new Wood Aged Beer, Consecration, made with Currants & aged 9 months in Cabernet barrels. Natalie says this is her new favorite of the wood aged beers, thanks for letting us have some.
10 pm - New Belgium's Love Fest.
This year's 'Love' will be from Foeter #3. It's really hitting it's stride. We will also be pouring La Folie, Le Fleur Misseur (New Belgium's homage to Orval, first brewed for their 15th Anniversary in 2006) & Eric's Ale (7% Light Colored Sour Ale with Peaches Named for Eric Salazar, long time Employee & Cellar Wizard)

That's quite a line-up of brewers, breweries and beers. Should be a fun week, that is IF you can manage to get in there and get served. Just go with patience in mind and you'll have fun. Cya all at the 2008 GABF!

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