Saturday, October 18, 2008

Special delivery Newcastle surprise

Newcastle Brown AleA few weeks ago I received an unsolicited email from an account coordinator from FormulaPR asking me if I would like to try a complimentary 6-pack of Newcastle Brown Ale and some excerpts from an upcoming print release called the Holiday MAN-ual. I thought, why not?! I replied with my name and email address and thought I'd probably never hear back from them.

Turns out, the other day a DHL Express truck pulls up to my house and drops off this plain brown cardboard box. I opened it up to find wrapped perfectly within a Styrofoam lined container a generically blank 6-pack holder full of Newcastle Brown Ale in clear glass bottles. Also enclosed was a press release and a few page outtake from the Holiday MAN-ual. Sweet!

No sooner than I receive the beer I received another email from formulaPR asking me NOT to post a copy of the press release as it had some incorrect information on it but to go ahead and enjoy the beer. They would be sending out another press release soon. So while I'll have to hold off sharing the good news about the upcoming Holiday MAN-ual I can at least open up some of these beers.

I'll be sampling these beers coming soon and let you know what I think. This was the first time I've been sent "free" beer for evaluation. Hopefully it won't be the last. The MAN-ual appears to have a collection of holiday food and drink recipes that you can make using Newcastle Brown Ale. The excerpt included a recipe for a Beer-Nog Shooter and a recipe for a cheese/beer infused fondue. It looked good from the pictures that were included.

I've heard of 1 or 2 other beer bloggers that received a similar offer from them. For anyone who has gotten this offer or from those who have tried this before I'd be interested in your opinion of this beer.

Thanks to Liz Murphy and Leah Dukes from formulaPR for extending this offer to me. I'm more than happy to give my opinion of this imported ale. Look for a review coming soon. If any other brewer would like to offer up a sample of their beer for evaluation please contact me via the email found in the GIF image on the left column of this blog.

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