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What did you drink at the 2008 GABF?

2008 GABFWhen you attend the Great American Beer Festival, time has no meaning as the hours seem to just fly by when you're having fun. If you don't want to forget all of the great beers that you sampled during your session, you owe it to yourself to take notes. I brought along my trusty compact spiral notebook and jotted down as much info as I could about each sample I tried. Good thing too, otherwise I would have forgotten half of the ones I tried. Here is a run down of all the beers I tried this year at the GABF.

Tastings from the 2008 GABF

Allentown / Bethlehem Brew Works (PA) – Framboise, Pumpkin Ale, Pawnshop Porter, Blueberry Belch, Bagpipe Scottish Ale
Ommegang Brewery (NY) - Ommegeddon
Russian River (CA)– Consecration
Dogfish Head (DE) – Theobrama, 120 Minute IPA
McKenzie Brew House (PA) – Saison Vautor
Boston Beer Co (MA) – Samuel Adams Oktoberfest
Allagash (ME) – Tripel
Maui Brewing Co (HI) – Coconut Porter, Black Pearl Coconut Rum Porter
Deschutes Brewery (OR) – Hop Trip
Fredericksburg Brewing Co (TX) – Honey Cream Ale
Jolly Pumpkin (MI) – Calabaze Blanca, La Roja
Great Divide (CO) – Fresh Hop (cask)
Brooklyn Brewery (NY) – Grande Cru
Lost Abbey (CA) – Red Poppy
Alaskan Brewing (AK) – Winter Ale
Six Rivers Brewery (CA) – Sour BOMB
Flying Dog Ales (MD) – Dogtoberfest
Oskar Blues (CO) – Momma’s Little Yella Pils
Bear Republic Factory Five (CA) – Racer 5, Racer X
Cascade Brewing (OR) – Cascade Kriek Ale
Rattlesnake Mountain Brewing (WA) – Smokey Porter
Rogue Ales (OR) – Double Dead Guy Ale
Duck-Rabbit (NC) – Duck-Rabbit Porter
Saint Arnold (TX) – Amber Ale, Oktoberfest
Surly Brewing (MN) – Cynic Ale
Piece Brewery (IL) – Dysfunctionale
New Glarus (WI) – Unplugged Lager
New Belgium (CO) – Eric’s Ale
Smuggler’s Brewpub (CO) – San Juan SkyHOP
Trinity Brewing (CO) – Soul Horkey
Gunnison Brewery (CO) – Gunnison Pub Ale

Different Brews Sampled - 40 - Beers in Green were my favorites.

Of all the beers I tried during my two days at the GABF I really enjoyed the sour beers the most. Anytime I came across something that looked or sounded like it was a sour I tried it. Most noteworthy: Sour BOMB from Six Rivers Brewery from McKinleyville, CA. Another impressive brew (non-sour) was the Black Pearl Coconut Rum Porter from Maui Brewing in Hawaii. "Why is the Coconut Rum Porter always gone?"

For those of you who also attended: which beers did you try and enjoy the most? With over 1900 different beers available it may be difficult to come across a similar list. Post your links to your tasting lists.

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