Friday, December 26, 2008

The Lost Abbey Lost and Found review

The Lost Abbey Lost and FoundI like to save certain beers for special occasions and Christmas was the perfect occasion to select one of the newer brews to appear here in Colorado. Just recently, the Port Brewing Company of California starting distributing their beers out here in Colorado. Not only do they offer their brews from Port Brewing but also from their line of The Lost Abbey beers. The first of this line to be reviewed here on Fermentedly Challenged is a Dubbel named Lost and Found.

The last dubbel I've tried was from Chimay and I was hoping that the Lost Abbey could put up a good showing here. Lost and Found came out of the cooler very cold. I let it warm up slightly before opening. Lost and Found comes in a huge 25.4 oz bottle with a cork and a wire cage. This brew weighs in at a hefty 8.0% ABV this year. Seeing how it was larger than your typical bomber bottle, I was worried that I might not be able to finish the entire bottle.

Appearance: I poured this beer into my favorite chalice glass. Lost and Found is a wonderful deep mahogany color. I fear that the beer was a bit too cold still as it poured with very little head. The off-white head quickly disappeared. The cork came off with just a slight pop but the beer was still decently carbonated and had been conditioned in the bottle. I had to be a bit careful pouring as there was a noticeable layer of sediment at the bottle of the bottle.

Aroma: The aroma of this beer was familiar, it sure smelled like a Chimay. The beer was brewed with raisins and those dark fruits were very distinctive within the aroma. Lost and Found smelled sweet, a bit floral, rich with dark fruit and of nice Belgian yeast. I also picked up a bit of an alcohol hit on it too. The fruity esters seemed to dominate here.

Taste: The first taste was also familiar. It was initially a tad funky and nearly tart. You could taste the fruit in this one. The brew seemed to spread out and cover your tongue with flavor and left a lingering taste on the back side of it. It's difficult to make out the full range of flavors with this beer at first. As I've stated about other beers, this one takes a little while to get used to, but once you do, it becomes a completely enjoyable experience.

Lost and Found beer pairingBy the time I needed to refill my glass, the middle of my tongue seemed to be a bit numb but in a good way. While this beer initially reminded me of a Chimay, it quickly takes on it's own unique characteristics. It's full bodied, very flavorful and the aroma is one that you could fall in love with easily.

I chose to eat a Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Raspberry square with this beer. Oh what a fantastic pairing! The dark chocolate and fruity raspberry creme center blended well with the dark fruits of Lost and Found. Quite the nice mix. You can tell that I like pairing desserts with many of my darker beers.

Overall: To fully enjoy this beer, simply open it up and let this beer breathe a bit first. I highly recommend you get a chalice or a nice wide top glass to get the full appreciation of this beer. The aroma really makes this beer stand out. I ended up finishing the entire bottle with little difficulty. The last ounce or two in this bottle will be full of sediment so be careful pouring.

I fully enjoyed this beer and and pleased that the Lost Abbey line of beers are available here. I look forward to trying even more of this line of brew. I'm giving Lost and Found a strong Thumbs Up and a repeat buy recommendation. If you like Dubbels this beer will not disappoint you.

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