Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Belgium expands with new tanks

In these tough economic times you might think it rare for a business to be expanding. Think again. Even in a recession, the folks at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins are thinking about the future and the time to expand is now.

Earlier this month New Belgium welcomed in 8 new humongous brewing tanks from Germany to their facility. Seven of these tanks will act as maturation vessels (MV) and one will act a a bright beer tank.

Just how large are these tanks? Put it this way, the beer in just one of these tanks holds more beer than an entire football team could ever think to drink in their lifetime. That's about half a million 12oz bottles of beer in just one tank. Now multiply that by 8 and you've got the total for this entire expansion.

The New Belgium gang put together a great video showcasing the installation of these monster tanks. All you homebrewers who dream of becoming this big someday take note. You're going to need a lot of room to fit these babies in your basement.

More information on the recent expansion can be read on the official NBB blog.

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