Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Port Brewing Old Viscosity Ale review

Port Brewing Old ViscosityI was thrilled last month to hear that two new breweries from San Marcos, California would be distributing their beers out here to Colorado. The first was The Lost Abbey and the second was Port Brewing Company. These two breweries are joined at the hip you might say as they are managed by the same group of people. Today's review is the first brew from Port Brewing Company that I've had the pleasure of sampling and given the season, I went for a dark brew - Old Viscosity Ale.

Old Viscosity Ale is classified as both a Strong American Ale as it weighs in at 10.5% ABV and as a Stout. Old Viscosity's name is reminiscent of motor oil and it pours looking exactly the same as it. O.V. is made with 2-row, wheat, domestic and English crystal, Carafa III and chocolate malts. It's bittered with German Magnum hops. Once brewed, about 20% of it is aged in bourbon barrels and then blended back in with a new batch of the same ale.

Appearance: This beer is super dark with just a hint of mahogany on the edges if held to the light. It has a decent brown head which is darker than most foams I've seen. The beer seemed to be adequately carbonated based on the hiss while opening and the bubbles in the glass.

Aroma: The initial aroma I got after pouring was huge on the chocolate, caramel and coffee side. Rich roasted malts dominate this brew and gives a slight hint of bourbon.

Taste: Oh, the taste! It was velvety smooth. The malts were blended well with the right amount of bitterness. There was also a nice sweetness to this beer. The chocolate and cocoa really come out. This was easily drinkable right from the start. It doesn't take long to notice the alcohol warmth. Oh ya.

Some beers like this big you are better off aging for at least 6 months, however, I found that Old Viscosity needs no aging at all. It's real good now. On a recent beer podcast earlier this year, Old Viscosity was compared side by side with Victory Storm King Imperial Stout and the majority of the tasters preferred Old Viscosity. I have recently reviewed Victory Storm King and loved it, but now that I've had Port Brewing's ale I must say I liked this one better as well.

The full 22oz bomber bottle was plenty for me for one evening. It's a big beer that warrants respect, so please don't drive after having the whole bottle. Supposedly, Port Brewing has an imperial version of this (as if this wasn't already an imperial) called Older Viscosity. That one probably packs an even bigger punch to it.

Beer FloatFood pairing suggestion: I paired this beer with ice cream. In fact I took cookies -n- cream ice cream and made a beer float out of it. The dark beer poured on top of a cup of ice cream may not look appetizing but believe me it was one of the best tasting combos you can imagine. Most dark beers like stouts and porters will mix well with light, non-fruit ice cream. Give it a try!

I'm giving Old Viscosity a huge Thumbs Up! This is one of the tastier stout / Strong Ales I've had. Good thing this brew is made year round. I'd hate to have to wait until next season to be able to stock up on this.

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