Monday, January 12, 2009

Beer bottle cap photo fun

I thought I'd post these bottle cap photos just for fun. I was going through my bottle cap collection and thought it would be nice to scatter them around and take a few photos. Here are four 1024x768 pixel shots of what I'll call the start of my free beer art photos. Click on each photo, right click and save. Then use as your screen background. Enjoy!

I'm a bit of a pack rat. I save 1-2 caps from each new 6-pack, all the corks from special beer bottles, the sides of a 6-pack carton with the artwork, and not to mention all of my beer bottles to re-use in homebrewing or recycling. It's fun to keep memorabilia but at the same time my wife is beginning to think I'm just keeping a lot of junk. Sooner or later I do something with all this stuff, like take photos like the ones above. Taking photos and using them in articles is both fun and useful. Do any of you horde your beer stuff?

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