Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Odell drops, adds beer

Odell Brewing
A month ago it was only speculation, now this month it has been confirmed. Odell Brewing has announced their new seasonal line-up for 2009. And with this new line-up of beer announcements also comes word that their old Single Batch Series has been discontinued.

Two of the three official Odell seasonals have been revealed with one beer yet to be announced. Their January through May seasonal will be the new Red Ale. This brew replaces the Extra Special Red from the Single Batch Series. Odell will throw the official Tapping Party for Red Ale on Thursday, January 29th from 4-6pm at the Odell tap room. Doug Odell will be on hand to personally launch this new seasonal.

The official Brewer's toast will be given at 5:00pm.

The second new summer seasonal brew has yet to be named, however we do know that it is already being tested on their 5-barrel pilot system. Rumor has it that it will be light and refreshing. Expect this brew to be tapped by the end of May and in stores from June through September.

The third beer is already one of their established beers but now has an official season. Odell's Isolation Ale will be their 3rd seasonal and will be offered from October through December. It's their winter warmer ale that already has quite a following.

Fans of their old single batch series will have to mourn the passing of those brews. The Extra Special Red, the Imperial Stout, and the Double Pilsener are no more. Perhaps I should save my last bottle of ESR for old times sake. I miss 'em already.

You can bet Odell won't just sit still with 3 seasonals. They are constantly experimenting and putting out test brews to their tap room. Odell's next batch in their Woodcut series is due out in a few months. Currently on tap Odell offers beers from their experimental batches: Nitro Oatmeal Stout, Nitro Cutthroat Porter, Dougweiser, Departure Pilsner, Buffalo Bourbon Stout and their High Voltage Malt Liquor along with their regular line-up of flagship brews.

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