Thursday, January 1, 2009

Putting together the home brewery - Part III

Homebrew suppliesHoly cow! Did I ever go nuts on a homebrew shopping spree yesterday! I was in need of resupplying my little home brewery in a big way and decided to go all out once again and broke open the debit card. Just about every little item you could think of on my list ended up in my cart. While I managed to avoid most of the big ticket items, all of the small stuff added up quite quickly.

My daughter and I took a 40 minute drive from Greeley over to the Hops & Berries homebrew store in Fort Collins. We arrived shortly before noon thinking that we'd probably have the run of the store to ourselves. Wrong. What we found was a store full of eager homebrewers all stocking up on supplies for their next brewing session. There must have been a dozen or more people wandering around.

I brought along my shopping list and was like a kid in a candy store. I had so many items I needed that I had to pile it all up next to the counter while I shopped. Here is a rundown of the items I picked up:

2 - Adhesive thermometer strips
1 - Better Bottle 6 gallon fermenter
1 - Bottle brush
1 - bag of bottle caps (.5 lbs)
1 - bottle capper
1 - bottle wand (filler)
1 - 7 gallon fermenting bucket w/lid
1 - 6.5 gallon bottling bucket w/spigot
2 - better bottle stopper w/hole
1 - dial thermometer
1 - Erlenmeyer Flask (1000 ml)
1 - Faucet adapter
1 - Five Star Cleaning Kit
1 - 8" funnel and strainer
1 - 14" test jar
1 - Immersion Chiller
2 - Muslin Hop Bags
2 - Nylon Grain Bags (medium)
2 - Three-piece airlocks
1 - Triple scale hydrometer
12 - feet of 1/2" tubing
1 - 21" stainless steel spoon
1 - bottle of Irish Moss
1 - bottle of Gypsum
1 - Auto-siphon

After all that, I then raided the grain, hop and yeast supplies for enough to make my first batch of homebrew. Whew! Glad I had my daughter along else I'd have to make several trips to the car to load all that stuff. The picture above shows what the bulk of the haul looked like. Some of the items will tucked away inside the buckets.

Anyone want to venture a guess on how much all of that cost me? I didn't get any kind of a discount either. Post your guesses in the comments below.

I can now say that with the exception of cleaning and sanitizing all that new equipment I am all stocked up for my 1st brewing day of 2009. I'm going to start getting prepped and hopefully can brew before the end of the weekend. Wish me luck!

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