Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ska Ten Pin Porter review

Ska Ten Pin PorterI continue to love this time of year, not for the cold, but for the dark brews that are in abundance at my local beer store. The other day while on a beer run I noticed that the store was highlighting Ska Brewing Company beers and was going to be hosting a tasting that day. I was a bit too early to stick around for the tasting but was told that all Ska brews were on sale today. How nice! I went to the cooler and found a 6-pack of their Ska Ten Pin Porter and quickly bought it at a nice 12% discount and took it home.

I'm particularly interested in porters at the moment because I've got my own porter awaiting bottling day this weekend. So any chance I get to compare a local beer versus my own is welcome.

Ten Pin Porter pours a nice dark brown color with a nice ruby edge around the glass. The pour resulted in a respectable 2-finger tall light tan head. There was a small lacing that coated the glass as I swirled it around which is always nice to see.

Ska used 6 different malts to make this brew including some caramel, chocolate and black malts. The porter had a sweet hoppy aroma from the Perle and Willamette hops. You could smell the caramel malts easily with a hint of coffee and chocolate overtones.

The mouthfeel was one of a medium body, light carbonation and a mild creaminess. Ten Pin tasted decently malted with the same coffee and chocolate notes and a distinct mild bitterness. The bitterness hits you right up front and lasts throughout the entire swallow. The brew left my tongue with a sense of a light coating.

This beer weighs in at a moderate 5.5% ABV and a slightly hoppy 45 IBUs. For you color buffs, it's measured at 36 SRM. This is a definite milder version than their big Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial version but is very worthy of the porter styling.

Ten Pin Porter is very partakable. It's easy drinking like a session brew but slightly higher in alcohol than one. I suppose if you're used to big beers like I am, anything lower than 7% ABV seems like a session brew.

While this porter won't kick you like an imperial, it is a good example of what a porter can and should be. I enjoyed this beer and will look forward to finishing the 6-pack throughout the week. This gets a Thumbs Up from me. Try it next time you find some near Colorado.

Update December 2013: Ska Brewing has decided to retire their Ten Pin Porter as of December 2013 and gave it a farewell burial at their HQ.

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