Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tommyknocker Oaked Butt Head Bock review

Tommyknocker Oaked Butt Head BockEvery so often I happen to spy something new in the local beer store cooler that I haven't seen before. And when I do it's an even better surprise when it's a local beer. Today's beer review comes from the small brewery up Interstate I-70 in Idaho Springs, Colorado called Tommyknocker Brewery and is called the Tommyknocker Oaked Butt Head Bock. This is a special edition of their regular Butt Head Doppelbock that is aged for months over oak.

Last summer I reviewed their regular Butt Head Doppelbock and enjoyed it but thought I'd see how well this beer would taste with oak. Both the regular and oaked version of this beer weigh in over 8% ABV. This one was measured at 8.2% ABV. Again, this brew is made with a ample supply of Munich, Carapils, Caramel and Chocolate malts and hopped with German Hallertau hop leaves.

The Oaked Butt Head poured a nice deep amber color and had a healthy 1.5 finger tall light tan head. The head started out tall but quickly dissolved to nearly nothing. It was only slightly carbonated but just enough to give it some bubbles. On the outside, it looked identical to the non-oaked version.

The aroma had a noticeable woody character along with a strong sweet malty scent. The oak gave it a nice aged feel that you can actually smell.

I picked up on a huge sweet malty taste upon hitting my tongue. The caramel malts dominated the taste here. There were still a lot of sugars present but blended just enough with the hop to bitter it slightly. It tasted much the same as the aroma would indicate.

For a big beer, this beer went down fairly easily. The oak added a bit of pizazz to the entire experience, however I couldn't help but think that I enjoy an oaky beer more when it is in the form of an IPA or Stout. Perhaps I'm a bit more biased to those styles. Still, the oaked Doppelbock is a nice change from the dark, dark beers that I've been hording all winter long.

Hat's off to Tommyknocker for taking the plunge with their Doppelbock into the wood category. One of these beers were plenty for me. The high ABV caught up with me by the end of the bottle. The brew comes in a 4-pack and costs around $11.99. A bit pricier than their regular beers. Does the fact that it's aged in oak warrant the higher cost? Hard to say, but it is a darn good brew.

I'll give this brew a respectable Thumbs Up and look forward to having more of these later this week.

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