Monday, January 26, 2009

Twitter pub followers share favorites

Twitter PubI enjoy hanging out in the Twitter pub. It's fun to share tweets with fellow beer enthusiasts and get to know them. With recent events starting to spring up on Twitter like "Twitter Taste Live" more and more people are now willing to drink socially online and their their thoughts.

I recently ran an informal poll on Twitter. For a period of a few weeks, I sent a direct message to every new follower I acquired and asked them a question. I received many replies to my inquiry and found that using an icebreaker question can often lead to further conversations on Twitter and on my blog.

The question I asked my new followers may seem like a simple question, but for many, including myself, this question is not always easy to answer. The question was:

What is your favorite beer?

Following is a compilation of the answers I received from 22 of my most recent Twitter followers.

From the responses received, you can see that there is a wide variety of tastes and preferences out there. For some, choosing a favorite beer is a daunting task. Not one person had the exact same preferences. Beer is a personal thing and tastes for different beers are molded over time.

No matter what the response was I learned one things, Twitter is a great resource for asking questions and getting answers. Whether it be looking for a new pub to visit, or finding out when a new beer is being released, or even getting info on that next beer fest - there are always people out there willing to share information.

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