Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Belgium to partner to make fish food

In what could only be called a most unlikely partnership, it was recently announced that the New Belgium Brewery of Fort Collins, Colorado will team up with a group of former Colorado School of Mines graduates to someday soon turn beer waste into fish food.

A report from Denver's 9news.com shown on local TV reported that Oberon FMR is in talks with New Belgium Brewing in an effort to take the waste products from the brewery and using a process developed by Oberon FMR to further ferment and dry the waste and turn it into a high protein fish food. FMR stands for Fish Meal Replacement.

Currently, New Belgium treats its own waste water in settling ponds before releasing the water back to nature. But Oberon FMR wants to take a lot of that waste and give it back to nature in a form of food.

Fish hatcheries are the target beneficiary of their proposed beer waste fish food. Hatcheries have been having difficulty coming up with adequate fish meal to feed their stocks. This product would be an alternative to having to catch other types of fish to turn into fish meal for hatchlings.
Oberon FMR claims it can help turn 40,000 to 50,000 pounds of daily waste beer sludge into nearly 35,000 pounds of bacterial protein. Regular fish meal has 40% protein but the Oberon product will have nearly 65% protein.

Giving back to nature from beer waste is nothing new. Local farmers already get spent grains form breweries and feed it to their cows. It makes the cows happy and fattens them up faster than regular feed. Oberon FMR hopes they can do the same thing only for fish.

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